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Hallie and Chase

08 Litter

Hi folks, we arrived January 10, 2008

       Hallie Pedigree

Hallie and Chase  Litter

Hallie  Puppers started arriving at 6:22pm on January 10, 2008.

More 08 Litter pictures
Page 2 Litter Pictures
Page 3 Litter Pictures
Page 4 Litter Pictures

        Photo Credit ©RaineIMAGES

Chase Pedigree

3 blue merles.

      3 black tris   

For litter information or future litters, please call 
(916) 652-5204
or email

Puppers for sale  
08Pupper Pedigree    **   Pupper Deposit Form
A litter for all reasons, companionship, working, agility, obedience,
what ever you want

All puppers in this litter have been sold if you are interested
in one of these puppers, drop us a note and we will let you  know
if any become available.
Head shots at 5-6 weeks of age 


Name:      "Available"
Color:   Black Tri
Sex:  Male - Pupper 1
Comments: BW:420gms  - 1/2 Tail
Going to the Lynwood  WA  to live with the Thomas family


Name:     "Available"
Color:   Black Tri 
Sex: male  -  Pupper 2
Comments: BW:340gms    -  Full Tail
Going to Seattle WA to live with the Downey family.


Name:      "Available"
Color: Black Tri
Sex: Female  -  Pupper 3
Comments: BW: 346gms  -  1/2 Tail
Going to Grass Valley CA to live with Rocky (Tilly x Garth Litter) and the Trout family. (was Pearl)


Name:   "Available"
Color: Blue Merle  C/W
Sex: Male -  Pupper 4  
Comments: BW:425gms  - Full Tail
Heading off to Walnut Creek to live with the Cunninghams.


Name:   "Available"    Was Stijn
Color: Blue Merle C/W
Sex: Male  -  Pupper 5
Comments: BW:431gms  - Full Tail -
Going to live in Berkley with the Gades Family


Name:   "Available"
Color: Blue Merle, C/W
Sex: Male  - Pupper 6

BW:420gms  -  Full Tail
Going up to Reding to live with the Huenik Family


  • Hallies litter will be registered with ASCA and AKC, they  are not mini's
  • Puppies are priced starting  at  $800 with spay/neuter contract or are for Competition. Show and Breeding Puppers are priced starting at $1200. 
  • Tails are Docked and dew claws removed 
  • Puppers are ready to go to new homes at 8 weeks.
  • Pupperss will have had 1st shots & dewormer - Second shot provided if pupper not picked up by week 9. 
  • Puppers are registered ASCA  and AKC - paperwork will be sent after Spay/Neuter Certificate has been received, unless Pupper will be  a  Show or Breeding dog.
  • Both sire and dam have had Hips and Eyes cleared. Hallie's Hips are OFA Good, Chase is OFA Good  Both Parents are DNA-VP  Puppers sell with full health guarantee.
  • To find the right dog for you and your family don’t narrow your search for the “perfect” dog by buying into myths or absolute rules.  The “right Australian Shepherd” may be any age color or sex and just might be someone’s “leftover pupper”. Many a last pupper has turned out to be the best of the litter.  We could have a litter of 5 boys and one girl when everyone is looking for a blue merle girl. 

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