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My name is Kathy better known  as "Moomom" to my friends. Raptor Ridge is located Loomis, located in Northern California at the base of the foothills of the Sierras. My husband Walt  and I  have lived here for over 40 years and decided to raise some cattle.  We were so impressed with the Pinzgauer breed that we now have a small but successful herd here at Raptor Ridge Ranch.    We also raise Australian Shepherds. We raise purebred Pinzgauer cattle here at Raptor Ridge Ranch since 1984 and sell to purebred breeders, commercial herds as well as to 4-H and FFA youngsters.  At the moment our herd herd consists of 5 mother cows.  We are awaiting our new bull.  Due to illness in the family we did not do AI this past year. Our past bull BR EXPLOSIVE (AKA "Buddy") has had some super babies and I have kept two heifers for to add to the herd. We are also adding a new bull this year who will be coming to us from Ben Ames' Mountain View Pinzguaers. 

We have always done well with our steers here at Raptor Ridge.  Two of our past steers have gone to a repeat buyer who is now a FFA member. One was high seller at his fair and several of his steers have been at the top in the carcass contest and rate of gain.   Check out our Pinzgauer Page for  more info on this fine breed and animals for sale.   Visit our Australian Shepherd page for more on our dogs.  Our 2010  litter out of Hallie and Quincy was special special. All have gone to their new homes.

The old barn pictured here is close to  90 years old now, but still hangs on.

Raptor Ridge Ranch
4040 Ridge Dr
Loomis   CA 95650

e-mail us at  

We May Be Small, but Quality is
   Our Goal
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