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Raptor Ridge Aussies -  No Litters at this time- DEC 2010
Comments from our buyers

Australian Shepherd Puppers for sale on occasion, we breed for all around Aussies
with temperment being our #1 goal. Our dogs perform in agility, obedience, ranch work
 or just being a great family companion.
Versatile Aussies that are sound in structure, temperment and intelligence and are pleasing to the eye

Comments: .

PIPPEN (Tilly X Kirby) Just wanted to drop you a line to say hello and give you our latest agility news.  We've been competing mostly in USDAA and doing well.  He's at the Master's level (PIII) in everything but Standard.  After about a two year hiatus from CPE, we did a CPE trial out at WAG 3 weeks ago, and were pleased to see Corgi and Margaret there!  We also met two other Aussie owners with dogs from Lakehills (my son's black tri is from Lakehills).  It was so much fun connecting with Aussie people, that we've decided to try our first ASCA trial!  It's down in San Martin at the end of this month, hosted by PASA.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Oh, and Pippin had his best day ever at the CPE trial:  Q's on all 5 runs, and 1st place in all of them, too!  He's a great little dog.  Laurie Preston & Raptor's Peregrine Took My Heart, aka Pippin

CORGI (Rosebud X Kirby) Wow!!!! Started sheep Merit list, through 11-05-11: RaptorRidge Shouldabeenacorgi is in a 3 way tie for 2nd!!!!! Points are 104.00, so not sure if that actually includes the Nevada trial or just the PASA one. Either way, for however long it lasts, pretty darn cool for the only Corgi who can legally compete in ASCA Nationals! :>))

TESS (Rosebud X Kirby)I just wanted to let you know what a great girl my Tess is (Rosebud is her mother) and what all we have been doing.  We did agility for a while but Tess is kind of laid back for competition.  It's great for exercise though - she does have a tendency to put on the pounds.  We might try rally obedience in the future.  Anyway, the latest is that she qualified to be a therapy dog.  We started with TDI but switched to Delta and I am much happier with them. We are doing a children's reading ;program and training to go into hospitals.  I can't send pictures at this time because of the privacy issue but am working on it. Maybe later. Thank you for being a breeder who cares about temperment. For me, it makes all the difference between a good and a great pet. Susan

CORGI (Rosebud X Kirby)  Wow. Corgi's Saturday at Bay Team CPE. 4 out of 5 Q's, 4 out of 5 1st places. She needs just a Jumper leg, which we will try to earn tomorrow, for her CPE Level 1 title! This would be her- and my- first full title ever! Amazing Colors run for last one of the day- 30 second course time, she did it in 14.46!

CORGI (Rosebud X Kirby) - this is a note from Corgi's herding trainer.  I wanted to tell you about Corgi's lesson yesterday... we started in the smaller pen as usual... and Corgi's outruns started off really nicely... so after a short while, I took the sheep into the larger area where we originally started... (where the sheep got away from her in the beginning :)
Anyway, before I had a chance to move my other sheep out of the orchard, a few decided to come under the fence and join the original five...  So, Corgi now  had 10 sheep to work instead of her usual 5...I spent the entire time, working on outruns... normal outruns... outruns from the side, both directions... she was AWESOME...
When we had finished she walked off with me and we just left the sheep where they were... and then I let the rest of the sheep join them... I did some chores with Corgi, just walking around with me off leash... and chatted to Maggie a little... after about 20 mins, I walked around the pasture, still with Corgi off leash, filling in squirrel holes, etc...

Then, I walked into the pasture where all the sheep were grazing... Corgi was still by my side and still off leash.... I walked around the sheep, she stayed with me the entire time... but kept an eye on the herd... then I just quietly said, get around...

OMG... she just quietly picked up the entire herd, balanced up, and wore quietly behind them... at one point, a lamb stopped, turned and looked at her... Corgi stopped, held her ground and waited for the lamb to continue.. She was sooooo good, I was extremely proud of her...

KALLIE (was Kalena- Hallie X Quincy_ Kallie is admired wherever we go for her good temperament & beautiful coat. She has four crates, including one in the Dodge Caravan and she loves to go and nap in them - naps? Well, when she slows down long enough to take one...

Kallie’s energy level is exactly what we expected and it’s perfect for us as we are always doing something. Today (04-30-11) Kallie is at a horse show with Ashton (Kallie’s 18yr old female human-in-training). Kallie has an electric dog door (collar actuated) that fits in the glass slider and she has never had an accident.

Kallie recently saw over 1000 head of sheep in Hemet, while on a day trip. There were three other experienced Aussies and she was a total city-dog! We bribed the Shepherd with a couple of Coronas and he took her into the sheep - where she just stood still. Have to try that again sometime after some practice.

Kallie can sit, stay, down, wait, rollover, sit-up pretty, jump (over a long wooden dowel), fetch and drops the ball perfectly in your lap & sits perfectly still - waiting for a treat. Kallie also catches a Frisbee, spins right and spins left. We are working on her computer skills, so she can start day trading…

Best dog we have every had! Thanks Moo-Mom.  Bob, Linda & Ashton…

OZZIE (Was Keaka - Hallie X Quincy) ...do not fall over ....picture is here...Ozzie with  step sister Callie.....we love him...People are always coming up and asking about him and commenting how beautiful he is..I call him pretty boy....his coat is so thick and shinny..we take him to the dog park and as young as 4 months(after all his shots) he was able to fetch balls and stay focused enough to return it....he was so easy to potty train rings the bell or barks at us to take him out....still a puppy always picking up everything he finds... especially our slippers.....he knows sit, shake, down, speak, quiet, wait, stay, and come....pretty good...loves to play ball... Lynn and Jim

 JACKSON (Hallie x Quincy) Just a quick update on our Jackson. He is well and thriving in Santa Barbara. He weighed in at 24lbs last week. He has traveled over 1500 miles with us and is the best car dog I've ever had! He loves playing in his water bucket and is happily taking our landscaping apart (we're working on that!) He spends his days with me in the office and eagerly awaits the kid's return from school for some real fun. My husband was paged away from puppy class over the weekend, so Jackson got to go on his first emergency. The instructor for the puppy class has horses on site, so fortunately Jackson had already received some exposure and training before he went on the emergency call. He is a very smart boy; sits, comes to our special whistle, does not venture upstairs to the bedrooms and always sits and waits to be invited in or out of a door. I think that's pretty amazing for a 4 month old guy (excluding the landscape overhaul, of course)! I am attaching a photo. Thanks again~ Shelby Goss

TILLY (one of our retired breeding dogs)  Kathy, Each day we see more and more of Tilly's personality starting to shine through, and she is such a delight.  Seriously, I have felt like a kid on Christmas morning, waking up to see Tilly's smiling face as she stands next to the bed.  She has also got the Aussie wiggle butt down now, which we love.  Just say her name and she wiggles, it's so cute.  We really do love Miss Tilly, she is such a doll,  and has brought us so much joy.   We did not realize how much we missed having a dog in our lives until we found Tilly.  Thank You, Thank You, thank you! 

JET ( Hallie X Chase) Hi Kath, I meant to email you right away. Jet is great. He is really something.  He handled all the changes with calmness and without fear.  Just very open minded.  He enjoyed the car ride home after a few little whimpers.   He sat on the back seat with the boys.  We stopped at the river park in Sacramento for lunch.  He took in everything. He slept some the rest of the way home. When we got home he was very happy to meet everyone, not timid or shy. He ate a good dinner.  I slept on the aerobed on the floor with him and he slept all night.

Two of our other dogs won't allow him to play with them yet, but this morning he and Sage were running around the back yard having a great time.  She is very gentle with him.    He loves the backyard.  He doesn't recognize his name yet but he knows "Let's go outside." He comes running for that.

 He's eating very well!  The food you recommended. He's had no vomiting or diarhhea.    I think he will be able to jump like Hallie.  At first he was hesitant to go up and down the stairs, but now he takes springing leaps up and down. He's very well coordinated for a fluffy toddler.   Its hard to get him tired. He's very busy all day. I spend lots of time just watching him interact with everything. It's really a joy to have him.  Karen

DJANGO ( Hallie X Chase) Little Django was a model Australian Shepherd puppy on the way home.   No peeing, whining, barking, pooping, etc.  He snoozed on Jimmy's thigh, then had a little water, played with a toy,  and then......we were home!  He met our Rusty and within 15 minutes they were playing.  He ate again, then pooped on the lawn......good dog.  Later the two played and ran, now he's asleep as Jimmy is on the computer. He likes to eat.  We already have an appointment with our vet for Wednesday. 

 Thanks so much for a wonderful puppy.......I can already tell he's going to be a good one.....which means - Thanks to you, to Hallie and to the breed.....oh yeah, and to Chase.  I'll keep you posted on Django now and then.  By the way, it looks like the name is going to stick, and I'm glad for that.  It won't be for a few years, but I wouldn't mind having another puppy.  Name:  possibly Django Reinhardt's violinist, Stephane Grappelli. Now I know who to call.   Hank

PIPPEN: ( Rosebud X Kirby )  Hi Kath, Just a brag on our boy.  We competed in our 2nd CPE trial on Saturday.  He "Q"'d in all five events, took second place in Wildcard and Jumpers, first place in Jackpot and Fullhouse, and earned his first title at Level One, the "Fun Title" (for getting one qualifying leg in each Fullhouse and Jumpers).  What fun!  We had a glorious day in the sunshine down in Sunnyvale. 

Today we hiked up Mission Peak in Fremont, so he is a tired but happy doggie tonight to be home.  At one point our trail passed through a herd of cow with calves, and he did get quite excited.  I put him on his leash, not wanting to harass the cattle or risk a kick to Pippin, but he continued barking and trying to establish that he was the boss.  I told him that his momma Tilly herds cattle.  I'm sure he was impressed!
Pippin is one very smart little Aussie, and we sure love him.  Just thought you'd like to know,
P.S.  Margaret was working at the event with Corgi (Rosebud X Kirby), so Pippin got to meet his half-sister.  The first thing she proceeded to to was steal his frisbee and run off with it.  Those bratty sisters!  She is such a pretty girl, sweet and affectionate too.

LUCY AND DOTTYLucy (Rosebud x Kirby) Dotty (Tilly x Kirby). Today is Lucy's birthday. She is two years old. I cannot believe I have had her this long as the time has just flown by. I will always remember the day I arrived at your house to get her and she followed me around very closely at your place from the instant I got there and never left my side. It will always amaze me that we had an instant connection. She is still the same way and will always be my special girl. She is so beautiful and no matter where I take her she always gets compliments on her personality and her beauty. I had waited for many, many years to get my blue eyed red merle girl and I am so glad that I waited until I found her. She is truly remarkable and I know I have said this before and I'll say it again..."Thanks so very much for allowing me to have her". I must also add that Dotty is also my special girl and follows me everywhere. I am so very lucky to have them both and I must say that if you ever get in a pinch and need a home for any of your babies that I would be more than happy to accommodate. Thanks so much for my babies and I hope that you can continue to fullfill the dreams of your buyers. I also hope that they all know just how lucky they will be to have such an intelligent and loving boy or girl to call their very own. Give the girls, babies, and kitties special kisses from Aunty Carol today. Thank you for my joy!!!!  

CORGI      Rosebud   X   Kirby

Hi Kath-Thought you might get a kick out of hearing about Corgi’s latest endeavor.  We went to one of our members houses to pick up some bags of recycling from the last agility trial, and she has a cart she is teaching her Tervern to pull.  So just for fun, we introduced her to the frame, and then hitched her to the cart.  She was a little leery at first, kept swinging her hind end out of the frame to see what was following her.  Then she realized if she moved forward, she didn’t get bumped, and that was all it took.  She trotted up & down the driveway like she had been doing it for a year.  Derede was very impressed.  She said that Soja, her Terv, still had trouble turning, because the shafts bump against their side, but Corgi leaned right into them.  I will try to take a picture next time so you can see.  If she enjoys it, I may see if I can get a scaled down version, and let her pull her own setup into trials next year. We are aiming toward the April USDAA trial in Prunedale that our club is doing.  I will keep you updated.  Margaret



Our Policy at Raptor Ridge Aussies: Our  Breeding dogs are DNA'ed, have had eyes cleared and hips certified. Our puppers are sold as family/companion and working dogs, but not for breeding. Our puppers are registered through the Australian Shepherd Club Of America without breeding rights  and a spay/neuter contract unless a separate agreement is made. We have decided to make this our standard policy because of the lack of concern some people have for the health and well being of the breed.


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