Registered Pinzgauer Cattle
Australian Shepherds
4040 Ridge Dr, Loomis CA 95650

Criterias She's the Berries  DNA-VP

Australian Shepherd - Female - Black Tri - DOB 8/11/2003

Hallie Berry 

Ch Starswepts Hi Flyin' At Hisaw DNA-CP
Black C/W RF AS-14381G24M F=11.30%
E95162 DL74447104

Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill
Black C/W AS-4883G24M F=14.29%
E37175 DL40345702
Ch Agua Dulce Final Option DNA-CP
E25864 DL41353801
Ch Winchesters Rollin Rapids
Ch Country Hotline of Agua Dulce CDX
Moonspinner of Brigadoon
E10533 DL50360301
Ch Brigadoons Moonraker
Ch Windswept of Windermere CD
Ch Starswepts Hifalutin of Hisaw
Red Merle C/W AS-9201G48F F=10.26%
E54417 DL49594905
Ch Levi Dockers of Heatherhill
E42242 DL40358601
Ch Toppers Levi Blues
Ch Lady In Red of Heatherhill
Ch Parkhills Hug Me In the Fog CD
E22020 DL50580101
Ch Huggie Bear of Shy K&d CD
Silver Fog of Heatherhill

"Hallie Berry"

Black -  Copper/White   DNA-VP
AS- 22563G37F-PI   Good
Eyes Cleared Annually
Full Dentation
E131996   DN04920202
Born 8/11/03

Major pointed in ASCA and AKC - First leg
Herding (Ducks)


Donnybrooks Harlieanna Sierra  DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-14462E25F-T F=8.11%
E94958 DL73508409

Ch Toppers Ace of Spades
Black C/W RF AS-4140G24M-T F=7.84%
E31346 DL40359302
Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
E3609 DL49134101
Ch Windermeres Sunshine of Bonnie Blu CDX
Ch Sweet Seasons of Heatherhill
Copper Canyons Red Flannel CD STDc
Copper Canyons Jimmerman
Kenlin Crystal Morn of Bluemist
Donnybrooks Good Ship Lollipop
Blue C/W AS-9904G55F F=4.33%
E56199 DL46704701
Ch Vigilante of Starcross CD
E21422 DL41907502
Ch Storybooks Cochise of Ken-Lin CDX
Ch Ebony Eyes of Fireslide
Donnybrooks Jesse Sweetiron
Macnaughton Mark of Donnybrook CD DNA-CP
Blue Isles Martini Hartbraker

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