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Please fill in form, sign and mail TWO COPIES  to Raptor Ridge. We will mail you back a signed copy for your records.

Litter:  HALLIE   X    T.J.     DOB: SPRING of 2009     Delivery Date (8 wks): Early Summer 09


Pup Preferred (1st  Choice):          2nd Choice


Full Price of puppers:  $      Deposit Price: $ 100  "Non Refundable"

   "Not for breeding” -This will be a Companion dog or a Performance  Pupper
I would like to breed and / or show  this pupper     

Extended pedigree  can be found on line at http://www.raptorridgepinzgauers.com/PedigreeTJ.htm and http://www.raptorridgepinzgauers.com/PedigreeHallie.htm . Puppers will be determined to be show or pet quality at an appropriate age, between 6-7 weeks.  This is not determined by color or sex, rather the structure and movement of each puppy per the breed standard.  Puppies will be placed with one of the following contracts:

All puppers will stay with the breeder until at least 8 weeks of age and up to 12 weeks, if necessary. The extra time from 8-12 weeks old is often necessary for the health of the pup, especially if it is to be shipped by air. We want to ensure you are getting the healthiest pup we can deliver to you and with that we will make sure the pup is at his/her best. Purchaser must choose their pup by the time it is 5 weeks of age, and will do so either in person or by pictures . If purchaser  has not chosen a pup by the age of 6 weeks, seller has the right to sell pups and purchaser may choose from the remaining litter. If the pup is not ready to be shipped by the age of 12 weeks due to its health and for no other reason, purchaser has option to choose another pup out of the remainder of the litter or receive his/her deposit back in the amount of $ 100  and any other money paid to seller.


If for any reason purchaser changes his/her mind and no longer wants to purchase the pup they have chosen, purchaser agrees to forfeit the deposit to the seller. Deposits for the pups shall be made with a check,  cashier’s check, money order, or cash. Any further payments made for the pup shall be made out the same.


 It is understood that the purchase of this pup is “Not for Breeding” unless agreed otherwise. The puppy must be spayed/neutered between 5 and 11 months of age unless breeding rights have been requested and agreed upon. Check with your vet for the best spay/neuter time for your pup depending on how you plan on using your pup.  Your pup will be registered with the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) and AKC . Your Registration Application will be sent to you after we receive the “spay/neuter notification) _____  (buyer please initial)  Breeding/Show puppers will receive Registration Applications at Pupper Pickup. All Pups must be registered with the Raptor Ridge kennel name.


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