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Member of

Feather River Australian
Sherpherd Club


Kami was bred to Krush for an early April 16 litter - pregnancy confirmed with 9 - 10 pups

Le'a was bred to Chester
The Puppers Arrived Sept 29th.  5 little ones
3 blue merles and 2 black pups   All have been placed

Hallie & Quincy 2010 Litter               Hallie's 2009 litter
Litters & Puppers Available



The Miniature Australian Shepherd, North American Shepherd, North
 American Miniature Australian Shepherd, and/or Toy Australian
 Shepherd breeds are not recognized as a  variety of Australian
 Shepherd by ASCA.  The club considers such dogs to be a distinct and
 separate breed and will not accept them into its registry.

Dax at 14

Litters & Puppers available

We strive to Raise Aussies that are sound in structure, temperament and intelligence plus are Pleasing to the eye
Le'a's 2015

 APRIL LITTER on its way - Kami and Krush


LE'A is available at this time - herding (she has been evaluated as a great starter herding dog) , agility, or just a buddy for an active home that can love her forever

 Le'a and Rosebud in Pasture


Thank you to all our Past
Pupper buyers. 

    Welcome to Raptor Ridge Australian Shepherds. You will find us in Loomis, CA located in the foothills of Northern California   We also  raise purebred Pinzgauer cattle here at Raptor Ridge Ranch,   We are small, but quality is our goal.  The same is true of our Australian Shepherds.  We only have 4 females. Our young Red Tri, Le'a is joined by Rosebud who is now retired and gets to do as she wishes. We also have  Hallie our black Tri and Le'a our Red Tri girl

OUR POLICY at Raptor Ridge Aussies: Our puppies are sold as family/companion , competition dogs and conformation. Our puppies are registered through the Australian Shepherd Club Of America and AKC on some litters, without breeding rights unless a separate agreement is made. We have decided to make this our standard policy because of the lack of concern some people have for the health and well being of the breed. From Raptor Ridge you will get a pupper that is bred for all reasons, companionship, working, agility, and obedience and occasionally show/breeding individuals. Eyes are cleared annually on our breeding girls and all have had Hips cleared as Excellent or good.  All our dogs are DNA'ed as required by ASCA

Dax and Rosebud with Rosebuds single pup Abby.

All Raptor Ridge puppers come with health guarantees and first shots and wormed. All come with eligibility for registry with ASCA, and AKC depending on the litter.  We insist that our puppers are picked up here at the ranch. We do not ship puppers for two reasons. First it is very stressful

for young puppers to travel unescorted. And, secondly, we love our puppies very much and want to insure they are going to a good home. Prospective buyers are encouraged to visit and meet the moms before the puppers arrive and visit the puppers after they are 3 weeks of age.

 Rosebud out in the snow

Our puppers are home raised and stay in the house with us up until they are approximately 3 weeks old. Then they are moved out into the Pupper Kennel during the night. When weather permits, puppers are out in their big playpen on grass Where they have more room to run and play; and not keep us at night. All are puppers are socialized and are handled often.

We love all of our babies as if we were going to keep them and want to share our joy with you.


K.C. Sire of Rosie & Tilly

Kami at 11 mos

 -  Hallie, "Criterias She's the Berries.  A beautiful Black Tri Girl


CONGRATULATIONS  to Criterias She's the Berries aka "Hallie" for her first ASCA 5pt major. 

And thanks go to Caty O'Connor and Chelsea Pendo for working together to handle Hallie to that spectacular win.

"Throw it at me"
Rosie has become
a great frizbee dog
Now mom needs to
learn to throw it better"






Here are some of Raptor Ridge past and present Aussies & puppers

Dax is now gone and greatly missed.  She was jus shy of 15

Tag and Kate (Dax x Koala) with Auntie Rosebud
"Aren't they gone yet!!"

Dax does the jumps
This Agility is fun stuff



Dax and Calf
Hey, you want to play

Charlie our first Aussie that we got in 1972.
We still miss  him

Our Indoor Fuzzies
1986 - 2002

Sammy Scissor Paws

PC and Weasel
PC and Weasel- we miss you both very much


P.C. (Pound Cat) weighed in at 18 lbs and his little sister Weasel is a 7 lb dynamo. PC came from the pound and Weasel was found down at our Community Park after someone dumped her.  We lost our little Weasel to complications due to her Diabetes in October 0f 2002.  She will be dearly missed. We have now added little Sammy to be PC's new pal and playmate. Now wee have  lost our  sweet PC at 18 . Sammy now is grown, he and Tilly still play, he thinks he is a dog and can tale as much just as much as Tilly put on him. He plays just as rough back at her.  They are great buds. Little Missy, an energetic Ragdoll kitten has now joined the gang.


Puppers for sale       Australian Shepherds - ASCA    


  NOTE: If you have any questions about Pinzgauers or would like information please contact us at the e-mail address above or............ snail mail us at : Raptor Ridge Ranch 4040 Ridge Drive Loomis CA 95650 Thanks, "Moomom"

Raptor Ridge Ranch
4040 Ridge Dr
Loomis   CA 95650
916-652-5204 Home  - 916 778-8089 Cell

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We May Be Small, but Quality is
   Our Goal

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