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Registered Pinzgauers for Sale

Welcome to Raptor Ridge Pinzgauers Cattle for sale page. Each year we have several select individuals for sale.  Bulls, both polled and horned are available on occasion.  This year we have two bred cows available. New calves for 2011 will start to arrive late Feb of  2012.    Let us know your needs and we will try to fill them for you.   This will be our new bull, "Seven's" first crop but they should be special.

Our past bull produced some great babies, we have now acquired a new bull , Raptor's Double 07.  He is polled and  should be producing a good set of babies in early Spring

All our cattle are registered with the American Pinzgauer Association, and all are on a good herd health system. Our breeding stock have been GeneSTAR MVP tested for Tenderness, marbling and feed efficiency.

    2017 calves will be  starting to arrive. Will be here eearly summer. , they go fast.

Raptors Double 07 - SOLD
Sire of Older Calves Below


 This years calves are here for 2016 -

2 heifers/ 2 bull calves

Raptors Raine 152C
2015 Heifer - SOLD

Born 4/6/15, Raine is out of Joleen and by Seven. Again she will be as great addition to any breeding herd.  Her mom is a very quick breeder and calves fast with no problems.  Raine is available

Raptors Miss Ebony Rose 164D
2016 Heifer  -
Rose   is a 8/20/2016 heifer  ut of Raptor's Sunshine .
 She will be staying in the herd as a replacement

Raptors Bandit 153C
2016 cafl -SOLD

Bandit  is a 8/20/2016 percentage Pinzgauer Bull Calf  out of Raptor's Joleen .He will make a top  project steer. His birth weight was 85 lbs. He is inquisitive an calf and growing very fast.


A very Big thanks to all our Past Buyers

Kendra Huntsman, Sacramento CA

Penny Howard/Felix Valadez Arbuckle CA

Matt Korb , Newcastle, CA (2)

Marissa Tyler, Ssacramento,  CA

 Janeal Phillips   Campbell CA

Maynard & Sara Fausett, Sparks NV

Jeff and Julie Stumpf, Penn Valley CA (3)

Sicily Singleton, Pioneer CA

Chantel Jenks Boyd (3) Westport  OR

Zachary McFarlane Gridley CA

Zane McFarlane Gridley CA

Hank Sassman (5) Grass Valley  CA

Wayne Berlin, Woodland CA (2)

Circle P Pinzgauers/Beth Peters
Parkdale  Oregon

Dave and Trinette Johnsen (2) Hearld CA

Jim and Sue Rexius (4) Penryn,  CA

Dan & Sue Palmer (5) Leona Texas

Sandra Austin (3) Wilton CA

Juan Angel Rocklin CA

Valerie and Peter Uzunov (3)  Wilton,  CA

Chris Ramos   Vallejo,  CA

Kathy Cochran & Larry Lathrop (2) Altaville CA

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016 Project  Steer  or meat - This calf is  Available

       Born 8/15/16 and is a percentage Pinzgauer calf out of Miss Money Penny  Cooper  is  pictured in at 5 days of age.   He will make a top  project steer. His birth weight was 90 lbs. He is inquisitive an calf and growing very fast.

Raptors Peregrine 153C
2015 Heifer  - SOLD

Born 4/18/15 Lady is Sunshine and Seven.  She will be a great addition to any herd. Show her as a yearling and then breed her.  She is from my top cow line.


Raptors Freckles 161D

2016 heifer - SOLD

Born 8/5/16 Freckles is Wialani and Seven.  She will be another great   project or replacement heifer. She is also a percentage Pinzgauer..  Sh can go  any way you want him to go.  She was 85 lbs at birth and calved  to calve out.  Was up and running in a very short time.

Raptors Cooper 162D
2016 cafl - SOLD

Cooper  is a 8/18/2016 percentage Pinzgauer Bull Calf  out of Raptor's Miss Money Penny .He will make a top  project steer. His birth weight was 93 lbs. He is inquisitive an calf and growing very fast.

We will have project steers and heifers like the one  above available each year,  let us know what you are looking for

Australian Shepherd puppers for sale on occasion, we breed for all around Aussies with Temperament being our #1 goal.  Our dogs perform in agility, obedience, Ranch work or just as a great family companion. Next litter will be in Spring of 2017. 

Raptor Ridge Ranch
4040 Ridge Dr
Loomis   CA 95650

e-mail us at  

Examples of our Project STEERS