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Living in Hawaii for several years back in the late 60's and early 70's I became fascinated and addicted to Orchids.  My first Orchid came from a neighbor who had raised many a beautiful orchid.  She gave me a division of one of her favorites and it became my first, it was un-named so I just called it K1.  It was my first of many plants to be added to my collection. I still have many divisions of this plant and they bloom twice a year with about 5 flowers on each stem.

 I love the Cattleyas above all, but do have Denbrobiums, Laelia, Cymbidiums and many hybrids.  All live in the green house with the exception of the Cymbidiums and Phalaenopsis.

I have found over the years that my orchids do acclimate to our northern California weather, both the hot and cold.  The greenhouse is set so it stays between 45 degrees and 85 or a little above during the heat of the summer.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite Orchids.



Blc. Tainan Gold 'Pat Ken'

Blc. Taiwan Ruby 'Tai Young #6' Pot. Shinfong Beauty "King Of Red" Blc Hawaiian Passion Carmela


Lc. Penny Kurdodo X Lc. Wane D

 C. WakeIsl XC. Normans Bay "Neel"

 Blc Chia Lin "NewCity" AMAOS




Blc. Lawless Walkiire "The Ultimate" Blc. Good News "Hawaii"  

BLC GeorgeKing

C FrancisTCAu

C WalkerPendentXJanetCarmela

Cna WhyNot "Roundabout"

LC. Lauren Oka "Kristie" Pot Free Spirit "lea" Slc Pearl Spencer "Petite Rogh" D BurmaWhite  
LC Pride of Texas  

C  Suzan Hye Coerula

Lc. Kaumana X Naome Kerns "Sunset Hill Chros" Blc Elizabeth Hearn "Betty" X C.Old Whitney