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We May Be Small, but Quality is Our Goal



All of our breeding stock have been tested  for Pfizer GenSTAR MVPs
Tenderness - Feed Efficiency -  Marbling

Welcome to Raptor Ridge Pinzgauers.  We are located in Northern California at the base of the Sierra Foothills in the small town of Loomis.  My husband, Walt and I have been into  Pinzgauer since 1984 when a Ag Teacher at the local Junior College showed us the advantages of the breed.   Starting our with our old cow Mini, a Jersey/Angus, we AI'ed for our first Pinzgauers. We had named our ranch Mini Acres after this great cow but it caused confusion - folks thought we we raised Mini Aussies and Mini Cattle.  Thus, with all the Hawks in our area we renamed our ranch to Raptor Ridge

First a little on why we chose Pinzgauer   - Pinzgauer Cattle are extremely hardy and almost never have eye or tick problems. They do well even on inexpensive or fairly poor feed or sparse grazing, and survive well in both Alpine cold and tropical heat. Ribeye measurements have proved conclusively good quality beef, and marbling scores are also very high for Pinzgauer meat.  Pinzgauer is the breed for "Tender Beef"  and are part of the Tender Beef  For more information on the Pinzgauer breed check Click Here.

 A number of  Pinzgauers now being DNAtested by GeneStar for the Tenderness Genes are showing that most are have both of the tenderness genes. The number of Pinzgauer cattle being tested is increasing.   Tenderness DNA tested for GeneSTAR tenderness markers. 53 animals tested GeneSTAR 2 Stars (88.3%). This is over 12% better than Angus and Angus X animals tested. Only 1 tested GeneSTAR 0 (1.6%) compared to 17% for Hereford. Tenderness is heritable, therefore TENDER SIRES HAVE TENDER CALVES. No single trait should be used to select sires but when you consider the docility of Pinzgauers, the mother ability, the early maturity, the climate adaptability and ease of maintenance, Tenderness should be the final straw for selecting PINZGAUERS. 

Pinzgauer Cattle are valued as cross breeders because of the natural vigor they impart to their progeny. Cows have tight udder conformations and are good milkers. They are easy calvers and their calves have consistently above average weaning weights. Recently, Pinzgauer Cattle have been experimentally crossed with the Red Holstein. The American Pinzgauer Association aids new breeders with a  “breeding up” program and will Register and admit animals as purebred if heifers are at least 7/8 Pinzgauer and bulls are 15/16 Pinzgauer. There is now an American Fullblood Program in place .   Pinzgauers are genetically Red or Black.  There are still Black animals in areas of Austria and are also being bred in South Africa. These animals are both purebreds as well as fullblood cattle.   Recently a large show in Pretoria both the Champion and Reserve Champion of that show were Black.  The most common color is red, but black is very popular in some areas.

Malia, a granddaughter of our old cow Mini, that started Raptor Ridge.  Raptor Ridge
will be breeding for more blacks shortly

Black Cows with calves being shown in Austria

With only 5 acres, we had to be very selective in our stock and  have had to live up to our motto "We may be small, but quality is our goal".  At the moment have a small herd of 4 mother cows,   We have kept one  of our  heifers this past year and will sell the other.  In addition we have added a nice fullblood heifer to our herd who is polled. We will still be using top AI Sires to cover  select cows and  "Seven", our  new bull will take care of the rest.

Our  new herd bull,
Raptor Ridge Double 07

Pictured as a yearling


Josie has done very well in the show ring, and has produced a great heifer, her second calf is due in December

Diamond Josie
 has been sold, but is continuing her winning ways

See some our our youth Project animals
 and how they have been doing

Look at our available calves for sale at
Raptor Ridge Cattle for Sale


  NOTE: If you have any questions about Pinzgauers or would like information please contact us at the e-mail address above or............ snail mail us at :  Thanks, "Moomom"
Kathy and Walt Dombrowski

Raptor Ridge Ranch
4040 Ridge Dr
Loomis   CA 95650

e-mail us at  

We May Be Small, but Quality is
   Our Goal

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