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Member of

Feather River Australian
Shepherd Club



Kami has been bred to Lucca for an early March 2018 litter


and  up coming litters at Raptor Ridge Aussies

For litter information or future litters, please call  (916) 778-8089  or
(916) 652-5204

Looks like we will have a February 3ed Kami   X Lucca Litter.

Kami and Krush Litter

Kami and Lucca Litter

Testimony's  Star of Gladness

Le'a' s  Pedigree

Fall 2015 Litter

Lea & Chester Litter page

Pups arrived early on
Sept 29, 2015

Le'a's   litter have all gone to new homes


ASCA CH Lakehills Chester B Goode


Le'a was been bred to Chester for an October 2nd litter.  Well, they arrived early, Sept 29th, in the evening.   5 little ones, 2 black and 3 blue merles.

Unfortunately we lost a little blue girl at 5 days of age.

Past litter pups below

2009 Blue - Hallie X TJ

2008  Rowdy Cowboy - Hallie X Chase

Tilly Pedigree

TILLY Has found a "forever" home and is as happy as her new owners

Tilly's 08 Litter
8 Little ones . This litter is off to their new famalies


2008 pupper - Cayanne (Was Abby) Tilly  x Brisbee
Starting in Obedience and Agility

DEPOSIT FORM   Pupper Pedigree
About the Aussie Breed      
What you should know before getting an Aussie

A litter for all reasons, companionship, working, agility, obedience,
what ever you want

Australian Shepherd Puppers for sale on occasion, we breed for all around Aussies with temperament being our #1 goal. Our dogs perform in agility, obedience, ranch work, conformation as well as being great family companions. Versatile Aussies that are sound in structure, temperament and intelligence and are pleasing to the eye

Our Policy at Raptor Ridge Aussies: Our  Breeding dogs are DNA'ed, have eyes cleared annually and hips certified. Our puppers are sold as family/companion and competition dogs.  On occasion we have breeding/show puppers available. Our puppers are registered through the Australian Shepherd Club Of America (and AKC  if mom is AKC registered)  without breeding rights  and a spay/neuter contract unless a separate agreement is made. We have decided to make this our standard policy because of the lack of concern some people have for the health and well being of the breed.

Tilly's Next  Litter  will arrive late summer - All colors are expected
This should be a great competition litter
Click here to see  Tilly's 05 Litter   Pupper Pedigree
Tilly's 07 Litter

Some of our Past Puppers
by Rosebud, Dax, Tilly and Hallie

Aussie Therapy- After Maggie was in the hospital for knee  surgery, Corgi was allowed to came in to see mom. She knew to stay off the pillows that protected Maggie's  knee.  Maggie says she hopes to be ready for the Bay Team CPE & SMART April trials.  Get well soon. Corgi is a Rosebud X Kirby pupper

Hallie 06  X Joseph

Dotty, aka "Cat Women" & some of her kittens

Tilly 05 x Kirby

Rosebud 05  X Kirby

First Show
1st in 4-6 month puppy bitch & Best  Puppy in Show
PASA Flag Day Weekend in Santa Nella

Corgi was reserve winners Altered Bitch at the 2008 August PASA show in Santa Nella- Way to go Corgi and Maggie

Checkers - Rosebud 02 pupper

Lucy - Rosebud 05 x Kirby at 6 mos

Kati Sue Cooki
Rosebud 04 & Kirby

Rosebud 05 X Kirby

Rosebud 04 & Kirby

Tilly  05 X Kirby

Tess (Dax x KC) Ready for Hollywood
Tess appeared on Animal Planet's PetStar on Nov 29,2004 showing off her skills of being able to do math problems with no trouble at all. 

Lili  (Dax and Koala)

Rosebud and Sydney 2002  Litter AT 7 Mos.  

A great big thanks  to all of you that selected one of
Rosebud's or Dax's puppers. 
Rosebud  and Dax have now been retired.

 DEPOSIT FORM    e-mail to Moomom    
NOTE: If you have any questions about Pinzgauers or would like information please contact us at the e-mail address above or............ snail mail us at :

Raptor Ridge Ranch
4040 Ridge Dr
Loomis   CA 95650

e-mail us at  

 Thanks, "Moomom" 

Updated 01/06/18

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