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05 Litter

Tilly X Kirby Litter
 born on  August 10, 2005  2005
Tilly's  05 Litter has been sold


Watch for Tilly's 07 Litter Coming Jan 2007
For information  on this litter , please call 

(916) 652-5204
or email

  Puppers for sale  
05Pupper Pedigree    **   Pupper Deposit Form
A litter for all reasons, companionship, working, agility, obedience,
what ever you want





Name:   Gabby 
Color:   Red Merle with Copper and white, blue eyes
Sex:  Female
Comments: New home in Pioneer, CA -  

"We went to the vet's office last week to get Gabby's rabbies shot. She weighs 22.5 pounds. She not my little ball of fur anymore, as she is  getting long and tall.

I just love this dog, as does my trainer Margaret Blair. She is the by far the smartest and best behaved dog I have ever had. We worked on agility again on Sunday. She is just awsome at this sport. We think she will do great at the dog trials when we get to that point.

I will be making an appointment to have Gabby spayed in January. We are all done with our shots for her first year. Oh, ya that last couple of trips to Jackson Gabby did not get sick....ya hoo....

I hope to have new pictures real soon.. "

Dotty at one year

Name:   Dotty  
Color:   Red Tri  with copper and white
Sex: Female
Comments: New home in Fresno CA.  Repeat buyer (Lucy from Rose/Kirby 05 litter.)

"Dotty is a wonderful girl She is very much the nosy one wanting to run and see what the big dogs are barking about
and throwing in a few comments of her own. She's gonna be another great one. She gets more lovey and kissy every minute. Very affectionate. She still is "Swamp Thing 2"   Still has that bad little temper but has now figured out how to do certain things she couldn't before and so the tantrums are less frequent. She becomes furious with Lucy when Lu jumps on me. Right now though she's like a mosquito to Lucy. Just gets swatted off. A very bright eyed little one.  She's so tiny but eats soooo much. I switched to the Puppy Beneful and now she really eats. One day soon I'm gonna look down and see a huge dog at my feet. I think she's going to grow 20 pounds all at once. Take care and give the girls kisses."

Name:  Katy  
Color: Black Tri
Sex: Female
Comments: New home in Livermore CA
"Thanks for everything.  Katy is doing very well.  The ride home was uneventful.  Katy did very well and slept most of the way home.  She has been to the bathroom twice and both times she made it outside with no problems.  Katy is so adorable and is currently sleeping at my feet. 
Thanks again.  We love her so"


ID:   Kaelin This pupper has been chosen as a stud dog to replace his mom and dad. The disposition on this cross is the perfect example of what an Aussie is all about.
Color: Black Tri with copper and white
Sex: Male
Comments: New home in Auburn, CA- pictured 7 mos

Able to leap snowy rooftops in a single bound.. it's super puppy!

Name:   Kruizer    was Scooter
Color: Blue Merle w/copper points
Sex: Male
Comments: New home in Washoe Valley, Nevada
 Kruizer has been too busy swamping in the ditch, chasing bear, hiking on the mountain behind the house and can't find the time to send you and update. Other talents include fetching TP from the closet and bringing it to the bathroom, brings up groceries from the garage, takes shoes to the closet--too many talents to list. 
We have to suspect the other profiles are exaggerated as we know Kruizer is the greatest. He is the prettiest and the smartest of the litter in our eyes.
Duane, Mary Ann and Kruizer


ID:  Kipp   was "Reno"
Color: Blue Merle with Copper and White, Right eye blue, Left Brown
Sex: Male
Comments: New home in Garberville CA Kipp's Journal

"Hi Kath,I just got in from a walk with Kipp, and I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how he's doing.

We are really happy with him, and he is a very happy and good natured puppy. He's super intelligent, easy going and aims to please.

We were looking for a good all around farm dog and he fits the bill. He goes around with me on farm chores every day. Sits at the doorway of the chicken coop when I go to feed and collect eggs, and makes sure that that they stay in the pen. Then we check the greenhouses and walk for a couple of hours, rain or shine. He stays right with me on the trail.

 So far he's been he's been willing to do everything I ask of him."

Pippen just received his USDAA Performance
I Jumpers Title in Jan of 08

Name:  Pippin
Color: Blue Merle with copper and white
Sex: Male
Comments: New home in Davis Ca-  Pippin was in his first CPE Agility Trial yesterday.  He did beautifully, and even "Q'd" in two of the classes.  I think he could have easily qualified in all 5, but I made some dumb mistakes.  He sure was beautiful on the jumpers course, smooth and flowing.  He is a real little athlete.  Very focused, but not so high-drive and difficult to handle as some other Aussies I've watched.  Rob was wondering if that was one of your temperent considerations when choosing your breeding program?  Pippin is level-headed, yet eager to work, and certainly has lots of energy.  I am so lucky to have him for my partner in Agility!  It's always been something I wanted to try, and now we're actually doing it.



  • Puppies are priced at $500 to $600 with spay/neuter contract On occasion we do sell breeding dogs, please contact us for requirements and prices.
  • Tails are Docked and dew claws removed 
  • Puppers are ready to go to new homes at 8 weeks.
  • Pupperss have had 1st shots & wormer - Second shot provided if pupper not picked up by week 9. 
  • Puppers are registered ASCA - paperwork will be sent after Spay/Neuter Certificate has been received, unless Pupper will be  a  breeding dog.
  • Both sire and dam have had Hips and Eyes cleared. Tilly Hips are Penn Hipp and would rate Excellent if OFA.  Both Parents have been DNA'ed.  Puppers sell with full health guarantee.

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