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07 Litter

More 2007 pupper pictures

Garth Jr. and Shiloh out in the PlayPen

Tilly X Garth Litter
 born DEC 29, 2006
All the puppers from
this litter have been placed.  Thank you

6 puppers - 2 Black Tri Females,  2 Blue Merle Males
and 2 Blue Merle Females
For litter information on future litters, please call 

(916) 652-5204
or email

  Puppers for sale  
07Pupper Pedigree    **   Pupper Deposit Form
A litter for all reasons, companionship, working, agility, obedience,
what ever you want


Name:  MILY -   SOLD - off to her new home in Sacramento with  the Arguelles Family.
Color:   Black Tri - White on Nose Lots of copper
Sex:  Female
Comments: Was Lolly


Name:  RAVEN  - SOLD  Cheryl Carpenter and her family in Loomis
Color:   Black Tri
Sex: Female
Just a note to let you know that the "girls" went to the vet today.  Raven weighed in at 14lbs 8oz and Shiloh was 14lbs 4oz    They did pretty good on the ride over and back.  Hate their collars and really hate the leash.  No biggee there.  Shiloh takes an afternoon nap with my hubby while Raven sleeps with Sydney.  This has been such an easy transition....almost to good to be true.

Name:  PEPPER  - SOLD -living in Corte Madera CA with Wirta family.
Color: Blue Merle-small white collar
Sex: Female
Comments: t wanted to give you an update about Pepper.
She is doing fine and seems to be settling in nicely. She did get car sick a couple times on the way home. Housebreaking is going well. No accidents at all today so far. I wish the weather would cooperate so we could be outside more often, she really likes it out there but it hasn't stopped raining. She is definitely attached to me, has separation anxiety when I leave the room. We are working on the sit command, she likes her treats. She is definitely adorable.
Our vet appt. is on Friday for her next shot that is due.


Name:  SHILOH - SOLD Cheryl Carpenter and her family in Loomis
Color: Blue Merle-Big collar -White on face
Sex: Female
Comments: See Raven's comments


Name:  ROCKY - SOLD -going to  Meadow Vista, CA  to live with the Trout Family.
Color: Blue Merle - White Collar/big blaze on face
Sex: Male
Comments: This  flashy boy with a big collar and blaze  looks just like dad. Garth Jr.  (was Garth Jr.)

Name:  BRADY  - SOLD - going to live with Karin Belajic in Auburn, CA
Color: Blue Merle- Small white strip on face
Sex: Male

My baby dog is doing great.  He is such a sweetheart!  He is growing fast and appears to have started teething already so we have a lot of chew toys we have been playing with. J  His eyes have become a really pretty green color for now…  Housebreaking is going well only one accident a day (usually on his pee Pad) and he is sleeping through the night with no problems. He has learned “Come” and ”No” and is comfortable wearing his little red collar.  We are very bonded already, he definitely knows his mama!  (Was Tag)


  • Our dogs are registered with ASCA and are not mini's
  • Puppies are priced at $500 to $700 with spay/neuter contract On occasion we do sell breeding dogs, please contact us for requirements and prices.
  • Tails are Docked and dew claws removed 
  • Puppers are ready to go to new homes at 8 weeks.
  • Pupperss will have had 1st shots & dewormer - Second shot provided if pupper not picked up by week 9. 
  • Puppers are registered ASCA - paperwork will be sent after Spay/Neuter Certificate has been received, unless Pupper will be  a  breeding dog.
  • Both sire and dam have had Hips and Eyes cleared. Tilly Hips are Penn Hipp and would rate Excellent if OFA.  Both Parents have or will be DNA'ed.  Puppers sell with full health guarantee.
  • To find the right dog for you and your family don’t narrow your search for the “perfect” dog by buying into myths or absolute rules.  The “right Australian Shepherd” may be any age color or sex and just might be someone’s “leftover pupper”. Many a last pupper has turned out to be the best of the litter.  We could have a litter of 5 boys and one girl when everyone is looking for a blue merle girl. 

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