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Tilly's Tots have arrived
 Born Jun 25, 2008
This will be a  great Competition litter or  perfect companions

Tilly Pedigree

Tilly X Brisbee Litter
All color litter
2 black tris
3 red tris
2 blue merles
1 red merle

This litter is sold out

Brisbee Pedigree

Vet said 7 were coming, but we had 8 little ones
Born June 25th between 2:30am and 930am

More Tilly Pupper Pictures - Page 2
More Tilly Pupper Pictures - Page3
More Tilly Pupper Pictures - Page4

We have 2 Puppers available from this litter. 
For litter information on  this litter or future litters, please
(916) 652-5204 or email moomom@garlic.com

  Puppers for sale   **  07Pupper Pedigree    **   Pupper Deposit Form
A litter for all reasons, companionship, working, agility, obedience, what ever you want

TILLY'S  2008  LITTER -  the NCIS Litter  at 5 weeks +
All of these puppers are really people oriented, love to play and
should be able to be what ever you want them to be.


Sara  Was  "Ziva"

Name:   "Available" was Ziva
Color:   Red Merle
Sex:  Girl - Birth order #1  time   2:35am

Heading to the Dobbins family in Folsom CA
Sara, formerly known as Ziva, is the most wonderful puppy ever! We love everything about her. She is a delight.

Sara is fitting in to our household very well. She is getting along ok with my older cat (17), but recognizing she can annoy my not as old cat (15). She is on a great 2 hour schedule of potty, play sleep. She needed to go out only once last night and has had no accidents in the house. She LOVES to play chase, ball (she just brought the ball back twice), she is negotiating our steps and slippery wood floors, and she likes a tummy rub as she goes to sleep. We love Sara, and so far, Sara seems pretty happy here. I will send some pictures as soon as the playing slows down. Alisa

Lucy Was "Kate"

Name:   "Available" was Kate
Color:   Blue Merle
Sex: Girl - Birth order  #2  time  3:20am

Lucy is an amazing, loveable puppy. She is officially a part of our family. Our two girls just adore Lucy and like to take care of her. We look forward to when we can take her on long walks and adventures to the park. Lucy has had many play dates with her sister Wrigley ("Jenny"). They really enjoy playing together! It's amazing how much Lucy is looking like Tony's puppy photo. They almost have the same coloring. Thanks Kath for this bundle of joy! 

The Chandler Family

Going to live with the Chandler family in Danville, CA

Bocce was

Name:   "Available" was Ducky
Color: Black Tri
Sex: Boy
Comments: We absolutely adore Ducky, my husband has renamed him Bocce after his love of the Italian bowling. He has adjusted very nicely and our other two dogs and cat all have graciously accepted him into our home. Thank You again for such a beautiful and well adjusted puppy.  His ride home went pretty well, he did get a bit car sick.
Birth Order #3    time   3:45am

Heading off to Kelseyville CA to live with the Lucidos

Cayenne Pepper was Abby

Name:   "Available" was Abby
Color: Red Tri
Sex: Girl - Birth Order #4  time  4:14am
Comments: Abby is off to live with the Macys  in Cameron Park and will be young Sara's Agility dog.  Good luck Sara and Abby

This little girl will steal your heart, she is another great competion prospect and would do very well in agility.

Wrigley Was "Jenny"

Name:   "Available" was Jenny
Color: Black Tri
Sex: Girl - Birth Order #5  time 4:38am

Thank you Kath!!     Wrigley is doing GREAT!!! She loves our yard (and Family!)  She also has a lot of play time with her sister, Lucy (Kate).  I will send you some pictures soon.

Going to live in Danville with the O'Brien Family

Track Was "Jethro"

Name:   "Available" was Jethro
Color: Red Tri
Sex: Boy - Birth Order #6  time 6:23am

Track (formerly known as Jethro) is turning out to be a wonderful companion, very well behaved, sweet tempered and an absolute joy to be around. He is indeed growing daily and is presently sleeping on my foot as I type this. Housebroken within a few days, he's got sit, stay, down and up commands already mastered. Thinking about getting him to agility/flyball classes when he's old enough. We joined an aussie meetup group as well. Could not be happier with this guy! I'll send a pic and maybe bring him by when time allows.

 Off to Orangevale, to lives with the Stover's

Sula  was "Toni"

Name:   "Available" was Toni
Color: Blue Merle
Sex: Girl - Birth Order #7  time 7:30am
Comments: Everything is going great, I named Toni Sula in Hawaiian means little bear by the water. She follows me everywhere I go. When I water outside I cant get her out of the water. She was house trained in 3 days , never has pooped in the house.  She is such a joy, the wait was worth it, We start puppy training and agility classes at the end of the month. she is so smart and full of energy, I know my job is to keep her busy, happy and to spend as much time with me as possible. I work mostly on my property so that part will be easy. Will send pictures later. Thanks again Kathy for this beautiful puppy she has already brought much joy into our life's

Going to live with the Kuna Family in Colfax, CA


Name:   "Available"
Color: Red Tri
Sex: Girl - Birth Order#8  time 9:15am

All went well on our trip home  (it took us over 9 hours, but we stopped a lot).  We decided to keep Sara as our puppy's name.  She is doing very well and adjusting to life in the Sterritt house.  My wife has decided that we are not to leave our house for more than an hour for the first two weeks, so we've spent a lot of time at home.  Sara is getting along well with the girls and has even started to make friends with our cats.  She is a wonderful puppy and she is very smart.  She stepped right into our life with almost no issues.  She is doing well in the crate at night and has not had an accident since the first night.

She is really playful and enjoys activity with the girls.  We played in a little pool on Saturday and gave her her first bath.  The vet visit went very well on Friday

 We could not be happier with our newest family member.

Going to live in Irvine CA with the Sterritt family


  • Tilly is registered with ASCA  and  Hallie with both ASCA and  AKC . They are not mini's
  • Puppies are priced at $800 and up with spay/neuter contract On occasion we do sell breeding dogs, please contact us for requirements and prices.
  • Tails are Docked and dew claws removed 
  • Puppers are ready to go to new homes at 8 weeks.
  • Pupperss will have had 1st shots & dewormer - Second shot provided if pupper not picked up by week 9. 
  • Puppers are registered ASCA - paperwork will be sent after Spay/Neuter Certificate has been received, unless Pupper will be  a  breeding dog.
  • Both sire and dam have had Hips and Eyes cleared. Tilly Hips are Penn Hipp and would rate Excellent if OFA.  Both Parents have or will be DNA'ed.  Puppers sell with full health guarantee.
  • To find the right dog for you and your family don’t narrow your search for the “perfect” dog by buying into myths or absolute rules.  The “right Australian Shepherd” may be any age color or sex and just might be someone’s “leftover pupper”. Many a last pupper has turned out to be the best of the litter.  We could have a litter of 5 boys and one girl when everyone is looking for a blue merle girl. 

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