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Tilly's Tots Page 3
 Born Jun 25, 2008
This will be a  great Competition litter or  perfect companions

Tilly Pedigree
Tilly's Litter
Tilly's Litter Pg2
Tilly's Litter Pg4


Tilly X Brisbee Litter
All color litter
2 black tris
3 red tris
2 blue merles
1 red merle

This litter is sold out

Brisbee Pedigree

TILLY'S  2008  LITTER -  the NCIS Litter  at 6 weeks

Abby out in the pen with a toy

Abby - what should I do now

Kate - "am I pretty or what"

Jenny - look what I found!

With the warm tempertures, we put out a pupper pool for the little ones,  I thought Ziva would be first in considering she loves to play in water.  But it was Sara, with Jenny being the next brave one.  She thought is was great to just lay in the water and cool off. Ziva is a splasher.

Ducky and Abby take a rest from play
 Abby is Avilable

Ziva, the water dog after a quick swim in the pupper pool

We have 2 Puppers available from this litter. 
 For litter information on  this litter or future litters, please
(916) 652-5204 or email moomom@garlic.com

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A litter for all reasons, companionship, working, agility, obedience,
what ever you want

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